Friday, November 5, 2010

Fire Walks and Highland Games

The first picture below shows my wife and I at the Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Highland Games earlier this year, with the director of the games. This appeared in the latest issue of Highlander magazine, a tome for which I occasionally write historical articles on Scotland.

We spent seven days in Nova Scotia and especially Cape Breton listening to Celtic music every day, and visiting both the Celtic Music Interpretive Center and the Gaelic College. I sat in playing music at a pub, and later at a sessions with about 2 dozen other players. We heard some of the best Cape Breton music there is and sat with Natalie McMaster's aunt through a three hour ceilidh, hearing all kinds of great stories about Cape Breton music.

Nova Scotia 2010 was added to Scotland 2006 and Ireland 2005 in our travels to enhance the music we play as Celtic Creek. Our website is at -  < click here

Tonight we perform at the Crown Theater in Jamestown, NY, along with Irish dancers from Buffalo, NY, and another duo from Olean, NY. It's a big stage show for the surrounding communities and should be fun.

The next picture is of my son's foot. What!

Yep, that's his foot after walking through fire last night with the great self-help guru Tony Robbins. He is spending an entire weekend with Tony and has read his books and listened to his tapes for years. Must be it works because he is a hot shot doctor/medical officer in DC.

I have taken periodic courses for ten years from two of Tony's former employees - his NYC marketing manager and his national marketing manager. They've both also walked through fire with Tony but I haven't had the privilege (?) yet.

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