Monday, December 13, 2010

Latest Scotch-Irish Society articles

Here is the latest issue of the Scotch-Irish Society of the United States of America newsletter. In addition to my regular music column, there is also a small article on the McQuiston 275th anniversary celebration in New Castle, DE. All pictures and posting like this can be enlarged by simply clicking on the image.

Friday, December 10, 2010


While in Columbus, Ohio over Thanksgiving I picked up a great book on the Isle of Skye. I was pleased to see Dunscaith Castle as the first castle photo shown. Dunscaith is where the McQuiston family name essentially began. The book is called simply "Skye" and the author, Ann MacSween, recounts the old Dunscaith poem -

All night the witch sang, and the castle grew
Up from the rock, with tower and turrets crowned;
All night she sang – when fell the morning dew
'Twas finished round and round.

This is a view of Dunscaith that I, and no doubt countless other adventurers have photographed of Dunscaith from the excavated moat that separates the castle from the mainland of Skye.

The author also mentions Somerled and the McDonald Clan, and even Hugh of Sleat and Clan Uisdean. It is a beautiful book, especially when found in a used bookstore for less than $10.00.

Skye is an attitude, a history and continuity that no modern age can tear from the soul of those whose blood is strong and whose heart is Highland.